Hospital Grade UV-C Disinfectant Light

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The Lucentᵘᵛ Portable UV-C Light is an inexpensive, easily transportable, hospital-grade UV-C disinfection light. It is a rapid and highly effective chemical-free method to disinfect surfaces, components, room surfaces and common touch points to reduce the transfer of dangerous organisms.

Studies have demonstrated that UV-C light destroys Coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19) with an exposure of 2-5 mJ/cm2.

Just 1 minute of proper exposure to a Lucentᵘᵛ Portable exceeds this threshold of +5mJ/cm2.  Learn more at

Name Lucentᵘᵛ Portable
Description Lucentᵘᵛ Portable UVC Disinfectant Lights are an inexpensive, easily transportable (10lbs), powerful UVC disinfection system designed for use in any setting.
Applications Compact and lightweight structure (10lbs) allows rapid deployment of one or more units in any space.
Antimicrobial Efficacy (with proper exposure) >99% reduction of Coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19).

>99% reduction of MRSA and Influenza in one minute.

>99% reduction of C. diff in 6 minutes.
UV-C Output Produces an intensity of approximately 150 µw/cm2 at 4 feet distance for a dosage of 9 mJ/minute.
Placement Portable and rapidly deployed. Use as a single unit or in formation with multiple units. Units sit on any hard even surface or can hang (e.g. IV Pole) from the hook installed at the base of the unit.
Features Optionally comes with IV Pole making it easy to hang unit anywhere

No special room preparation is required.

No chemicals to store and handle.

Instantly deployable. Weighs 10lbs and plugs into most outlets.

Deploy as a single unit or fleet of multiple units.
Weight ~10lbs
Dimensions 10” W x 10” D x 14” H
Bulb Operating Life Up to 9,000 hours
Number of Bulbs Four Bulbs
Bulb Type Low Ozone; Quartz; Philips or other brand
Lamp Type 4 pin. May vary.
Power Cable Standard
Power 115-227 VAC, 4 Amps
Operation Position upright on any even surface. Hang it upside down depending on the surfaces to be disinfected.

One minute delay timer once plugged in before light bulbs are activated in order to allow for personnel to exit space.

Carefully follow instruction manual.